Well i handed in the river/water project Friday. It feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.
I still worry though. Have I done enough? Did I include everything i needed to? Were all the files in the right place?
I checked a bjillion times before... and theres nothing i can do now, it's just the way I am.

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I kinda slacked this weekend.... Theres not long left till The Billy Goats Gruff deadline...

So i better get on with it O_o;;;

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I hate reports.


Sunday 11th March 11pm:

Gah. Good job it doesnt have to be in till friday ^^;

Tuesday 13th March 4pm:

The end is near. :D

Tuesday 13th March 10pm:
Still going...
4364/4000 ... too many? Not yet, if i go over 5050 im in trouble lol.

I still have to illustrate more of it afterwards (MS Word really sucks for that dontchaknow), proof read, and check the references.... but somehow thats not as bad as actually writing it.


Hokay. This is the garb i've been working on for masterclass (Matte Painting). I choose to transform this road into an over grown abandoned street. I figured it would be quite fun...

Right, so the next image is what i've done so far. I think the only thing im happy about is the dirt and stuff on the cars... but i still think they look to clean O_o. I've been looking at car wrecks and abandoned cars... but how to do dents? hmm. I'm also planning to have some ivy and vines growing on and around them, maybe that will help?

The tree on the left looks like its floating a bit... i think the roots covered by the ivy need more definition?

Im not sure about the grass, some of it looks okay, but most of it looks like the grass brush lol, but i think the image will be about half the size of the original, so maybe it wont notice.... but then again, the more detail you put in the higher resolution, the better its going to look, right? :/

Have'nt done anything to the other two tress, thinking of adding some ivy to them too.

Enough of my blabbing. What do you guys think so far? :(